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When considering having your roof cleaned and moss removed, customers will always have a number of questions that are important to answer, from how much will it cost to have my roof cleaned? how do we remove the build up of moss from your roof in the safest possible way? what are the benefits of having my roof cleaned? and is it worth the extra cost to have the soft wash treatment?

The cost to have your roof cleaned will vary depending on the size of the roof area to be cleaned and how badly moss has taken hold of the roof. We aim to clean an average size roof with a moderate build up of moss in a day, however dependant on the size of the roof area to be cleaned and how badly moss has taken hold it can take slightly longer. On average for a standard sized property our customers can expect to pay between £550.00 to £650.00 which also includes our optional soft wash treatment.

Our method of cleaning your roof may be more labour intensive but it is the safest way to clear your roof of moss, by using specially profiled tools that perfectly match your roof tiles shape we gently remove the accumulated moss, this way of cleaning your roof eliminates the damage that other methods can cause such as broken tiles or roof felt penetration that jet washing is known for and all our work is carried out from the safety of 3T access towers erected by PASMA trained employees eliminating the need to step foot on a single roof tile. 

The benefits of having your roof cleaned of moss are far more then just an improved visual appearance, over time moss penetrates in to the roof tiles surface, softening and making the roof tiles more porous, then in winter with rain and freeze thaw temperatures it can create the right conditions for roof tiles to crack and break loose. Another upside of having your roof cleaned is the reduced possibility of blocked gutters as a result of moss accumulating in them which can be a yearly expense to have cleared. So having your roof cleared of moss will not only improve your properties kerb appeal it will also have a cost benefit by reducing annual gutter clearing and costly roofing repairs along with the potential of increasing the life expectancy of the roof itself.

Our soft wash treatment is a truly amazing option after having your roof cleared of moss and is highly recommended, it instantly kills all remaining moss spores on the roof and prevents regrowth for up to five years dependant on the properties surroundings and by using nothing more then the natural weather patterns of dry and wet periods it slowly restores your roof to it's natural beauty. 

We love what we do and how our roof cleaning and moss removal service can totally transform the appearance of our customers properties, which is why we may not be your first call, but we want Guttergators to be the last call you ever need to make, so if you want a personalised quote to get your roof cleaned don't hesitate to contact us and one of the squad will get straight back to you!

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Harry Gator here,

How are you? and thanks for your interest in what we do, if you want us to clear the moss of your roof but aren’t sure about the soft wash treatment I always say You Have To Treat It To Beat It. We are there already with the access equipment so why not take the opportunity of a soft wash treatment which after being applied slowly kills the remaining moss spores and breaks down unsightly lichen and over the following months you will see your roof gently restored. If you have recently had a new roof fitted it’s never to early to have our treatment applied as a pre emptive measure to increase it’s life expectancy and maintain its beauty.

So don’t forget

You’ve got to treat it to beat it!


Harry Gator of The Gator Squad 

Harry Gator Treat It To Beat It!
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“Regular maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of a roof and preserve its integrity. This should include inspection for broken and loose tiles, checking gutters and downpipes, and the removal of any organic material that may have built up, such as leaves, moss and lichen..”