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We are a young and dynamic gutter cleaning and roof cleaning business based in Worcester and covering the surrounding county's who understand that, by utilising the latest high reach gutter cleaning systems and investing in the latest high reach roof cleaning equipment, customer service and competitive pricing never gets compromised. We invest heavily in both training and equipment which ensures that every service we offer, from gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and UPVC cleaning are carried out in the safest and most cost effective manner, without ever compromising on the service our customers expect or the quality of the work we deliver!

Gutter cleaning

It may very well be that the only time you realise that your gutters need cleaning is when heavy rain occurs and you notice that your gutters are overflowing due to a build up of accumulated organic material that prevents your gutters from being able to cope with a heavy deluge of rain. Left unchecked overflowing gutters can lead to property damage including internal damp issues and in exceptional circumstances far more expensive structural problems. Gutter cleaning is now considered routine maintenance by the majority of home insurance providers who now expect householders to have their gutters cleaned on an annual basis. At Guttergators we use the latest high reach gutter cleaning vacuum systems to safely clear your gutters including the hard to reach areas on a property that would be impossible to reach by any other means and all work is carried out from the safety of  the ground. As for what will it cost for gutter cleaning, we clearly detail what the costs are based on your average size property type, if you have not had your gutters cleaned for a number of years there may be a slightly higher cost due to the extra time involved on a first clean, our free no obligation survey and quote service will always state the price you will pay taking this into account. Once your gutters have been cleaned we will advise how often your gutters should be cleaned having considered your properties surroundings, we also provide you the customer with a detailed invoice for insurance compliance purposes.

Roof cleaning

The same straight forward approach applies to our roof cleaning moss removal service and soft wash treatment, we always provide a free no obligation quote which details clearly the total cost of the work to be undertaken from our roof cleaning moss removal service to our soft wash treatment. Because we continually invest in equipment and most importantly in staff training all of our quotes include if required the necessary high reach access equipment that the majority of roof cleaning and moss removal work requires, this makes us very competitive on price and for our customers peace of mind ensures that the price we quote is fixed and has no hidden charges. Our roof cleaning method is a more labour intensive way of restoring your roof to its natural beauty but it eliminates the possibility of damage which jet washing can cause and the benefits of having your roof cleaned this way are instantly seen, starting with the appearance of a well looked after property from the kerb as well as increasing the life expectancy of your roof by reducing the damage that moss build up can cause, when combined with our soft wash treatment it provides long term protection from moss regaining a foothold on your roof and by using the natural weather patterns of dry and wet periods slowly restores your roofs appearance to its natural beauty. 

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Other Area's We Cover: 

  • Gloucestershire

  • Warwickshire

  • Whiltshire

  • Herefordshire

  • West Midlands


Smarter  Safer  Quicker

Smarter working by using powerful vacuum sytems for gutter cleaning and high reach upvc soft wash equipment.

Safer working having invested in the latest high reach access systems which eliminates the need for ladders.

Quicker working due to no need to hire in access equipment which in turn results in lower costs for our customers.

House In Need Of A Gutter Clean

Blocked gutters can cause serious damage! 

Having your gutters cleaned may not feature high on your list of priorities, but regular maintenance is essential. 

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House In Need Of A Roof Clean

Is moss slowly taking over your roof?

We are now pleased to be able to offer our customers this valuable service which enhances the apperance of your home.

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House In Need Of A UPVC Clean

UPVC Cleaning Soft wash Treatment!

A well maintained property improves kerb appeal and enhances a properties value, the little things make a difference!

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