Treatment covering Worcester and Worcestershire

Truly amazing, that’s the only way to describe what we can do for your composite door, if it`s suffering from the effects of fading due to being on a south facing wall and it is looking rather bleached as a result of UV light don’t paint, rejuvenate!

We all buy composite doors because we are sold the dream of a no maintenance long life door, however having supplied composite doors to builders, developers and property investors for the last 15 years we are aware how badly a coloured composite door can look after a few years due to the effects of the sun, especially true if your door is south facing.

The options open to many customers when faced with this problem are to either bite the bullet and replace at considerable cost, have a specialist company repaint the door again at a considerable cost or simply live with it.

Our remarkable treatment does away with the need to have your composite door replaced or repainted by using a special treatment that gently penetrates the composite doors surface and reactivates the original door colours pigments which have been obscured by the bleached surface up until now. We are able to offer this service on any colour of composite door irrespective of who manufactured the door set. It`s quick, cost effective and best of all you end up with the door that you fell in love with.

composite door colour (1).jpg

For more information on this truly unique service please contact us for details and we will be pleased to offer advice and help.