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How can I be sure my gutters have been properly cleaned by you?

By using the latest high power vacuum systems it ensures that even the most difficult to remove debris is cleared, we can if required provide a video of the cleaned gutters.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

We will do a site survey using google earth so we can tell you exactly how much it will cost.  We have guideline prices on our services page starting from as little as £45.00, first cleans can cost slightly more dependant on how badly blocked your gutters may be.

How quickly can you clear my gutters out?

We aim to complete a gutter clean as soon as possible, this is normally within 3 to 5 days of an enquiry. However in an emergency we offer a fast track service which is slightly more expensive but can be invaluable.

How do you clean out our gutters?

We use very high power vacuum systems which along with strong light weight poles and special cleaning heads, enables us to clear both wet and dry waste from your gutters up to 3 storeys high and all from the safety of the ground without the need for ladders or expensive access equipment.

Do I need to be there when you clean my gutters?

For residential customers all we need is access to a 240v supply to operate our vacuum systems and the ability to access both the front and back of the prop[erty.

Can you remove large weeds from my gutters?

We use special cleaning heads/nozzles that break up and dislodge large weeds.  We can then safely suck and remove the weeds from your gutters.

Will the soft wash chemicals harm my roof?

We use a safe, non aggressive product that has an excellent environmental footprint.  The product does not damage the material being treated and there is no physical alteration of the surface.

Will the roof be cleaned with instant results?

We remove by hand 95% of the moss, we then soft wash the roof if required. The cleansing process starts immediately and the original colour of the roof tiles start to come back within 2 hours. The moss and lichen is killed instantly and your roofs appearance will continue to be restored over the following months simply using normal weather conditions.

Will you walk on my roof?

We own and operate all the equipment , including high reach access towers and specially profiled tools which eliminates the need to walk on the roof area. This method of roof cleaning is better for the roof and safer for our operators.

Can moss on my roof be damaging?

Moss generally grows in the vertical joint between tiles and often at the tail end. If left, the end result is increased water ingress where tiles overlap which can damage the fixings and timber battens. 

How long will the roof cleaning last?

We cannot give you an exact timescale, however, typically we find that 2 to 5 years is possible.  This all depends on mother nature and how aggressive the winters are during this period.  Also cross contamination from trees or neighbouring properties can affect this timescale.

Do you pressure wash our roof?

We do not pressure wash roofs as this can cause damage. The only water used is in the application of the soft wash treatments which are applied using low flow rate systems to gently administer the treatments.


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